Avoid Hiring Fake Medical Staff Understanding The Importance Of Primary Source Verification

Avoid Hiring Fake Medical Staff Understanding The Importance Of Primary Source Verification

Before going into the main area of discussion, we first need to understand what primary source verification is? Primary source verification or PSV is an act of obtaining the applicants credentials from the original source. Means that education, experience, license etcetera of a job applicant should be verified from the source of origin. And when we talk about primary source verification for medical screening, before hiring the medical staff, it is highly important for the employer to verify the credentials of the applicant as the field of medical is very sensitive and related to the life of human being.

Now lets discuss why the primary source verification of a medical staff has high importance while medical screening. In the global scenario, shortage of qualified health professionals has made employers in many countries to look for the qualified foreign professionals to fill the unoccupied opportunities. And when these qualified professionals leave their home country, large number of unqualified locals starts to fill the positions left vacant by those. Many of them may have certificates and degrees earned from unaccredited or bogus institutes.

As the field of medical is highly sensitive, therefore primary source verification has emerged as the highly important task for employers. A well designed and implemented PSV programme gives maximum security to the employer and prevents medical staff having false education, employment experience or a license to practice as a medical professional.

Moreover, medical screening of a health professional is also a compulsory requirement from many regulators, but due to difficulties in background checks internationally, PSV of a medical staff often been implemented poorly or omitted from the case. This negligence during background screening may leads to medical malpractice done by fake medical person.

Professional background screening companies can help a lot in this regard. Writing a letter or email to primary source and hope for the response may not be a useful tool anymore. Background screening companies have experience to do the screening successfully and provide the accurate results. They have standard procedures to execute the process of screening from start to end efficiently. Therefore, hiring services of background check companies for medical screening would be a definite advantage.


Neglecting the primary source verification during the medical screening of a medical professional may lead to a life and death of a human. Therefore it is a social responsibility of employers to perform the background check dutifully and regulators to keep a strict check on medical background screening of all the medical staff hired locally or from foreign countries.

Income Tax Relief on Income Tax Debt in Canada – Who Qualifies

Income Tax Relief on Income Tax Debt in Canada – Who Qualifies

If you have an income tax debt in Canada, at times it can feel paralyzing. Income tax debt in Canada can grow at an alarming rate. Unlike our counter parts in the US who often turn to criminal action to enforce non-compliance, the Canada Revenue Agency relies heavily on imposing interest and penalties to penalize taxpayers who file late, fail to declare income or improperly declare expenses.

Once late returns have been filed or past returns have been re-assessed by the Canada Revenue Agency, their first step will be to assess a penalty on the tax debt. The Canada Revenue Agency’s next step will be to calculate interest on the income tax debt and penalties going backwards to the tax year when the tax debt occurred. The end result is that the taxpayer can end up owing more to the Canada Revenue Agency in interest and penalties than the principal tax debt. For example; an income tax debt of $20,000 may end up being more than $40,000 once the interest and penalties have been calculated.

In Canada, a taxpayer can apply for income tax relief under the Income Tax Act. This does not mean that the principal tax debt can be reduced. However, the Canada Revenue Agency can cancel all or part of the interest and penalties.

One way that a taxpayer can qualify for income tax relief under the taxpayer relief provision is because of extraordinary circumstances. Penalties and interest may be waived if an event has occurred that was beyond the taxpayers control and was the cause of the non-compliance. Some examples of extraordinary circumstances are natural disasters (fire, flood etc), a civil disturbance, a serious illness or accident, serious emotional or mental distress, the death of an immediate family member etc

Another way that a taxpayer can qualify for income tax relief on an income tax debt is if they are suffering from extreme financial hardship. If the taxpayer can substantiate that they cannot pay because of job loss, they cannot pay the interest charges but could pay the principal tax debt, payment of the interest charges would interfere with their ability to provide basic necessities like shelter, food and transportation; in these cases the Canada Revenue Agency may waive all or part of the interest and penalties owing on the tax debt.

Finally, income tax relief on an unpaid income tax debt may be granted if the cause of the interest and penalties was caused, all or in part, by the actions of the Canada Revenue Agency. Some examples of this are processing delays; errors in material which led the taxpayer to file a return based on improper information, incorrect information being provided to the taxpayer by the Canada Revenue Agency, like errors in processing and undue delays.

An application for income tax relief is an official process that should be handled by a professional if you would like to increase the likelihood of your application being accepted.

The Electronic Income Reducer

The Electronic Income Reducer

The Electronic Income Reducer
A friend of mine Gareth Davies (www.gforceonline.co.uk) who is a speaker, consultant and an ex-professional footballer introduced me to the idea of the Electronic Income Reducer in the corner of the front lounge yes, you know what I mean – the TV! It absorbs hour upon hour of your personal time when you could be learning or reflecting or developing something truly amazing. I know many people now who simply do not have a television in their house, and guess what they dont miss it!

My Great Grandfather was a gifted wood carver we have several pieces in our house today that he carved 100 years ago. This is something we just dont make time to do nowadays. If I didnt have a TV I would definitely have a hobby that absorbed time and allowed me to be truly creative. Maybe I should get rid of it? The trouble is its too useful as a hypnotic tool that quietens the ever-active mind! I do feel guilt when I watch utter rubbish and have nothing to show for it! The TV is definitely a habit and its amazing what conversations you and your family can have when you dont rely upon it for entertainment.

Some of the words that I least like to hear from my children are Im bored! Coincidentally these words are usually uttered when watching TV is out of the question. A few months ago my middle daughter came up with a great idea to save electricity and to engender more creativity the concept of the non-electric day was born. Every week on Mondays and Wednesdays in the Pagan household, there is no watching TV and no use of computers or the Wii. She even wrote an article recommending this which was printed in one of the UKs national childrens newspapers, First News.

Whilst the children may moan a little when reminded of the fact that electrical toys are banned for the day, within a short while they find some other activity to amuse them. Those traditional board games are finding their way out of the toy cupboard, wonderful drawings and paintings are being created. I once returned from work to find my wife and three children all in the lounge, reading their books in companiable silence. Amazing.
So the question has to be what would you do if you didnt rely on the TV for entertainment what could you create if all those hours lost to The Electronic Income Reducer were returned to you? The choice is yours.

Using Employee Contract Form To Have A Secured Business!

Using Employee Contract Form To Have A Secured Business!

For a small business man it is really important to have a contract form of each and every agreement he enters into with any personnel or contractors for getting his work done. However, owing to the size of their business, they might not be able to afford the services of an advocate who can draft the employee contract form. The fees charged by an advocate would be high enough and would add to the cost of company. In such a case a businessman can himself make an employee contract form which is required to protect his own interest and avoid any kind of fraudulent dealings.

This form generally mentions the duties and responsibilities to be shared by the employer and the employee. By adhering to the terms of the contract, each party obliges to stand by their commitments and in case of any default legal proceeding will follow. Such contracts hold an important place for small and mid-sized businessmen, consultants and other workers who have a specific task to complete. Such a contract would protect their rights and would maintain a good employee-employer relationship.

There are various benefits attached with this contract form. Firstly, it lays down the requirements of both the parties to contract at the inception of the relationship and not midway when they are quarrelling to sort things out. In fact this contract form will reduce the chances of conflict between the parties to contract. Secondly, the procedure of writing, reading as well as signing a contract brings a sense of responsibility in the mind of the employee which will encourage him to get the work done in time and with utmost precision. The contract clearly states the resolutions of any conflict that are likely to arise during the course of business and hence any non-compliance of any part of the contract may lead to certain pre-defined damages. This helps the businessmen in getting the work done easily and on the other hand the employee ensures that he delivers the work in time.

If you don’t want to spend huge sum of money for getting the employee contract form designed by the advocate, you can even construct it on your own using Employment Contract Template that is easily available online. The online templates will help you create a form that includes all the terms and conditions that you might fail to include. The employee contract template not only assists you in creating a perfect contract form but also saves your money as well as avoids any future conflicts!

Building Multiple Streams of Online Income

Building Multiple Streams of Online Income

Building multiple streams of online income is one of the most confusing issues for new internet entrepreneurs. I believe the reason for this is that most are transitioning from a traditional modern work background that involves one, or at most, two, primary sources of income–in other words, a job! In this model, the “job” provides 100% of the income. This keeps things simple–that is, until it’s gone! Then life gets pretty complicated until another “job” is found.

To become a successful online entrepreneur, this model of thinking has to take a radical change. Instead of looking for a single pot of gold, you have to start picking up little gold nuggets along the path. Although it’s possible, most successful online business models are not built around a single revenue source; rather, many small (sometimes really small!) streams of income pool together to form a significant resource.

Multiple streams of internet income exist at a macro and a micro level. The macro level involves having several totally different internet businesses. For example, you may own a couple of different niche websites, or you may have your own website plus you earn money online from paid surveys or other work opportunities. The macro level of internet business diversity is similar to having different “jobs” in the traditional work world.

Online income is more complicated than that, though! Each macro-level income source can also have many micro-level sources. An example would be a single website that makes money through multiple sources, such as affiliate sales, ad placement revenues, proprietary goods sales and membership fees.

Each of these sources, correspondingly, has its own micro-level income streams! For example, each merchant for affiliate sales constitutes a stream, and even each product from a merchant can be considered a stream. Similarly, each ad source, along with each ad is an income stream. Each page of a content-rich website also produces its own micro-stream of income.

To have a successful internet business, you must constantly monitor these micro-streams of income to see which are producing and which are not. Then, just as in any business, you have to adjust your strategy accordingly. Non-profitable ads could be taking up valuable space on your website that could be replaced with money-producers, but you would never know this unless you consistently check your earnings at a micro level.

Building multiple streams of online income and manage them efficiently is the key to profitability for most new internet businesses. It is also one of the most difficult if you’re used to having a single lump-sum payment every month from one employer! To be successful online, you must change your mindset!

Instead of being the pig who’s confined to a small area and whose big bucket of feed is brought to it once a day through no effort of its own, you must become the songbird who spends the entire day looking for tiny seeds and insects to sustain it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a malnourished songbird, but–you know what happens to the pig!