Unlikely Tool For Employee Monitoring – Remote Access

Unlikely Tool For Employee Monitoring – Remote Access

Remote access software, like so many other tools, its applications is not limited by its core function. A netmeeting is now a recognized way for companies to save money and improve overall efficiency. Appliances offered by web conferencing companies also provide an easy way to monitor employee productivity.

Monitoring Employees

It is important for employers to know what their workers are doing, especially in light of the variety of distractions found online. While for the most part employee monitoring is likely to be viewed as an intrusion, in a lot of ways it makes good business sense. While not all tools are the same, some basic steps for monitoring desktops may include the following:

1.Logging on as administrator
2.Installing access remote pc software and then set up a meeting, using the employees name as the field name
3.Start the meeting
4.Use the tools option to hide the meeting (this may vary depending on the provider)

Once finished, computer monitoring usage should be simple. At any time the employer will be able to not only view the workers computer activity, but also record it. This can protect the company from theft or loss of information.

Security Maintenance

Naturally, as with any situation involving teleconferencing or a netmeeting appliance, remote server security is paramount. Aside from built in protections for users, security is further enhanced by each computers firewall. While remote assistance products have the effect of allowing a company to redirect resources, it can also make it vulnerable to attack.

Each online conferencing providers security features may be different, but most share a common set of features. Typically, security as it relates to a netmeeting involves issues such as:

Content Storage
Access Controls
Network Security
Protecting data during transmission

Before purchasing a VNC desktop appliance it is important to understand beforehand its capabilities and limitations. Larger companies may find it useful that some desktop sharing appliances allow for unattended support of up to 300 or more PCs. The major advantage of going with a self-hosted appliance that it eliminates monthly fees. With a one time payment, all of its features are available for use whenever needed. While most web conferencing solutions make hosting a netmeeting easy, employee monitoring is a useful, albeit sometimes contentious added plus.