Aged Care Courses What Aged Care Careers Are Out There

Aged Care Courses What Aged Care Careers Are Out There

The Australian population is ageing. The number of older people (aged 65-84) will almost double over the next 40 years. The number of the very old (85+) will quadruple. This is creating many opportunities for careers in Aged Care and will create employment security for many years to come. Aged Care Courses like Certificate III Aged Care and Certificate IV Aged Care are becoming very important when seeking employment in Aged Care.

So what aged care careers are out there?

Aged care offers a wide variety of employment opportunities. There are aged care courses to help you take advantage of these opportunities.

Direct Care Positions: There are many opportunities to work in direct care in community care services, residential aged care facilities and health services. These positions offer opportunities to directly interact with older people. These job roles can include helping older people with housework, personal care, providing respite, social support, nursing, transport and meal preparation. Aged Care Courses like a Certificate III Aged Care, Certificate IV Aged Care, or nursing qualification will help you find this kind of work. Traineeships and other government funded or free training are also available for eligible employees or job seekers.

Care Coordination and Case Management Positions: Care Coordination and Case Management positions involve interaction with clients and their carers to plan care and services. They sometimes also involve some administrative tasks and scheduling or rostering of staff. Aged Care Courses like a Certificate IV Aged Care, nursing or allied health qualification, Certificate IV Frontline Management or Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment are highly regarded.

Administrative Positions: Many aged care organisations are medium sized or large companies or non-profit organisations. A wide variety of administrative roles are available that can enable you to make a real difference for older people. There are roles in accounting, clerical work, reception, rostering, IT, HR and customer service. Contact organisations like KinCare and other leading aged care organisations for more information. Qualifications such as Certificate IV Frontline Management and Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment are highly regarded as are specialist qualifications in each of the administrative fields.

Management Positions: Aged care organisations are growing quickly and often have roles available for high quality managers. While aged care may not have the profile of some other industries, there are exciting career opportunities and roles that will enable you to make a real difference to older people and our community. Degree and Masters qualifications are highly regarded for senior management roles.

The career opportunities are exciting. You can make a real difference. Consider developing a career in aged care and undertaking aged care courses such as Certificate III Aged Care or Certificate IV Aged Care to move your career ahead.