The proliferation of staffing agencies in India is sufficient proof that their utility is on the rise. If businesses are to flourish, their non-core activities should not find any place in their curriculum. Companies have realized that matching qualified people with the right position is not up everyone’s alley. Staffing companies which can deliver quality candidates ensure long-lasting relationships with valued clients as well as candidates. Staffing process comprises, among other things, micro-skill assessments, matching techniques and carefully administered risk-management safety compliances.

Discerning businesses settle for nothing less than high caliber talent. Reputed agencies never force the fit—they strive hard to hunt for the perfect match. Providing professional talent with the skills and expertise mature businesses need is the first priority of Iris-Corp. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction; everything else is secondary. We are alive to the fact that the right individual can make a world of difference to your business outcome.

Iris-Corp is a well-known professional with a host of sources from where we cull talent. We harbour a deep realization of the fact that the diversity of our candidates makes our client-matching process even more robust and reliable. We have a huge repertoire of talent that meets the most stringent requirements. We have a networked and crafted talent through processes which would leave the most discerning employer wide-eyed and appreciative of our vibrant and customer-centric approach. Coupled with our no-nonsense screening process, we weigh, consider and evaluate the skills, qualifications and fit of each of our candidates. Iris-Corp continues to monitor the performance of the candidates placed as long as they are on rolls.

Iris-Corp does not accept the second best. Our Director Mr. Sanjay Kapoor has voiced the company’s vision most artfully. He says. -Being choosy to a fault and adopting meticulous planning and excellence as our goals, we move towards perfection. Talent does not just come our way—..we hunt for it in every nook and corner. Iris-Corp has not merely arrived. We have created a revolution in the Staffing realm and will continue to lead all the way and prove staffing agencies in India —taking the pain out of recruitment.”

Iris-Corp prepares customized HR strategies for handling diversity – Age,Gender and ‘Gen-Factor’.As a best staffing agencies India our HR metrics will not only help in building credibility of the HR function,but it also help the HR function to build more sustainable processes and make informed decisions.

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